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Enter your search criteria -- i.e., keyword or shot number. Separate words with commas and do not use quotation marks! The fewer words that you enter in the search box, the greater the number of results.

QuickTime Player Needed to View Video Clips
You will need a QuickTime player in order to view the footage on this website. All of the watermarked videos on this website are encoded with the QuickTime H264 codec for fast web viewing / downloading.

How to Use the Clip Bin
Add your shots to the “Clip Bin” so that you can save time searching for the right shots. You can save your Clip Bin selections to your email address by using the email submit form located on the Clip Bin page.

Video Format of Master Stock Footage Shots
We deliver all of our HD stock footage video clips as full resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, Apple Quicktime.mov files in Pro Res 422 codec. These high quality codecs are nearly lossless and are universally compatible with most editing systems.

Pricing for Stock Footage
Please contact us to receive the best prices for your stock footage selections.

Delivery of Stock Footage Shots
We will send your stock footage shots to your email address via YouSendIt file transfer service within 24 hours after your purchase.

Limitations on Use of the Stock Footage
The stock footage provided to Licensee may not be shared, sublicensed, resold or redistributed on a stand alone basis such as a stock footage library or collection or as downloadable files or within any electronic template where the purpose is to create multiple electronic copies, including but not limited to electronic business cards, electronic greeting cards, website design templates, presentation templates or the resale or distribution of the Footage as a stand-alone file. The Footage also may not be used in a pornographic, defamatory, libelous or otherwise illegal manner or in a way that brings harm to an individual, company or trademark.

Stock Footage License Agreement
Please contact us to receive the latest version of our Stock Footage License Agreement.

Need Additional Information?
I am happy to help answer any of your questions about the stock footage on this website. Just contact me, Craig McCourry at sales@stockfootageworld.com.

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